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How To Upload Media to TACC

The Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) offers media hosting for Arctos users through an Arctos Project allocation. If you are using TACC to store media, the files must be uploaded to TACC and accessible on the web server before creating media in Arctos. There are three ways to upload media to TACC: Single file uploads, small batch uploads, and large batch uploads. This document covers all three.

Single File Uploads

If you have a single media file to upload, you can upload it through the attach/upload media link found on any specimen or agent page which will automatically create an association between the media and the specimen or agent you are viewing. You can also upload a single file from the main Arctos menu through Search>Media/Documents> and selecting the Attach/Upload Media link at the top of the search form. Note that when using this method, no relationships are created to the media, so the only way you will be able to find it is with the information you provide during the upload. You will need to edit the media to add relationships after the upload is complete. Any media can have additional relationships added after initial upload, so if your media represents a collecting event, project, or loan, you may want to upload it to the agent who created it, then edit it to add those relationships.

Large Batch Uploads

If you want to upload a lot of large media files (e.g., 100s or 1000s of images, audio, video), and/or if you have specific processing needs, you should first contact an Arctos administrator to discuss space allocations. Begin by completing a request in Github. If you already have a dedicated directory in the Arctos allocation, follow these instructions:

TACC User Portal Connection

Pro Tip

Read Best Practice - Managing Directory Structures in the Arctos Project Allocation at TACC

We consider it a best practice to create “daily” folders to manage your files beyond any shared folders

for example{institution_acronym}/collection_or_whatever/some_project/maybe_other_stuff/{yyyy_mm_dd}/

institution_acronym (for Arctos accounting) and the dailies (for everyone’s sanity) are the important parts, the “project folders” in the middle are entirely optional, but if they are to be shared, they should be created by the TACC-authorized manager.

It is also a best practice to avoid spaces in your folder and file names.


Once you have created media for the files in Arctos, thumbnail images will also be generated when possible by scripts in Arctos. If you want to ensure thumbnails are available, create them and upload them along with the originals. You will need to use those thumbnail URIs in your bulkload media template (in the PREVIEW_URI column, when you bulkload the image URIs.



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