Welcome to the Arctos Handbook!

Navigation Guidance:

  • Click on Documentation for specific data tables and their data fields; also linked in the database
  • Click on Best Practices for detailed recommendations for specific tasks in Arctos, written by Arctos Users
  • Click on How-to Guides for step-by-step instructions on how to do specific tasks in Arctos, written by Arctos Users
  • Click on Resources for tutorials from Arctos Users as well as guides on how to use this site
  • Arctos Documentation and "How-to Guides" can be created or edited by anyone who is a member of the Arctos Working Group (see How to Use GitHub for Arctos). That team has "write" access to the ArctosDB/documentation-wiki repository in GitHub. Anyone can view the content, but you need to be added to the "Users" team by an ArctosDB administrator to make changes.

    Curators/Collection Managers who want the ability to create or edit Documentation and "How-to Guides" should contact dustymc@gmail.com, mkoo@berkeley.edu or ccicero@berkeley.edu to be added "Users" team. Attend a working group demo on how to edit the site. We encourage Curators/Collection Managers to engage students in writing "How-to Guides." However, students will not be able to post them to the wiki site; instead, they will need to submit the content to a member of the ArctosDB team (e.g., their supervisor) who can then post the content.

    To get started, type in any Keyword in the Search box to find relevant How-To guides or Documentation pages.