Encumbrance Documentation

How To Delete a Catalog Record

In order to delete a catalog record(s) in Arctos, you must first create an Encumbrance (see How to Create an Encumbrance)

Note that you can only delete a maximum of 1000 catalog records at a time through this method.

Tools Directory > Records > Encumbrance: Manage

Create an Encumbrance to Delete Catalog Records

If you do not see the item in Navigation above, you will need to request access. From the Encumbrances screen, click on the “Create an Encumbrance” hyperlink at the top of the page. Fill in the required fields with generic information so that you can reuse this encumbrance any time you would like to delete a catalog record now or in the future:

Delete Catalog Records



Records with citations or media cannot be immediately deleted - you must first detach citations or media objects from the record before you can delete it. If you are trying to delete more than 1000 records, you’ll get an error message that starts with ‘fail: listlen(catIdList)=…’

Pro Tip

You can also access Encumbrances through the Detail page of a single catalog record (via the top “Encumbrances” tab).


Pro Tip

If a record is deleted because it was a duplicate, a redirect from the deleted record to the remaining record should be made. See Redirects for further instructions.

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