Encumbrances restrict the use of catalog records or record data and are often used to mask information such as collectors, preparators, field numbers, attributes, and remarks.

List of active Arctos encumbrances

Encumbrances are applied to Cataloged Items. Attributes of an encumbrance include an encumbering agent, an encumbrance name, an expiration date, and an encumbrance action.

Encumbrances should be used to:

Encumbrances should NOT be used to:

Encumbering Agent

Encumbrance . Encumbering_Agent_ID NUMBER(22) not null

The encumbering agent) is the person or organization requiring the restriction. This agent may act in an advisory role; final authority to remove encumbrances rests with the collection.

Encumbrance Name

Encumbrance . Encumbrance VARCHAR2(60) not null

Encumbrances are described with a name. This name should be as general as possible with the aim of avoiding separate encumbrances when the encumbering agent and the encumbering action are the same. (If possible, additional specimens should be added to existing encumbrances.) Do not just copy-paste the encumbrance action here.

Expiration Date

Encumbrance . Expiration_Date DATE(7) not null

All encumbrances are temporary, and encumbrances must be periodically reviewed. De-accession should be considered for permanently-encumbered specimens. Yearly email notifications are provided to collection staff, and encumbrances may be extended (in 5-year increments) indefinitely.

To extend the term of an encumbrance, change the expiration date. Note: the expiration date cannot be changed to a date more than five years in the future from the date the edit is being made.

Expiration date is a triggering event – encumbrances are automatically retracted when the expiration date is reached.

Encumbering Records

See How to Create an Encumbrance

Un-Encumbering Records

  1. Find the records from which you wish to remove an encumbrance using SpecimenSearch.
  2. From the Manage tool, choose Encumbrances. You should now see a summary of your records at the bottom of the page, and the encumbrance finder at the top.
  3. Find the appropriate encumbrance by entering search criteria and clicking Find Encumbrance. Under the appropriate encumbrance, click the “Remove Listed Items From This Encumbrance” button.

When the screen refreshes, the specimens are no longer in the selected encumbrance.

How To

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