How to Create an Encumbrance

Encumbrances restrict certain aspects of specimen/lot records from the public view, usually to protect personal identity, proprietary data, or the provenance of a vulnerable population/habitat. Many encumbrances are temporary and may be reversed when specified conditions change (publication of research, expiration or retraction of encumbering legislation, eradication of critical habitat where specimen/lots were collected, etc.).

Create an Encumbrance

Attach Specimen Record(s) to an Encumbrance

In order to link records to a newly created or existing Encumbrance, perform a Specimen Search for the record(s).
TIP: If multiple records are to be Encumbered, enter catalog number ranges into the search field so that these records can be encumbered at the same time rather than individually.

Review Encumbrance

Use the Encumbrance Search Results page to access several management tools to modify or review an Encumbrance: