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How to Search Transactions

Transactions are Loans, Accessions, Permits, and Borrows. All may be accessed via one Arctos form.

Searches using only transaction, shipping, project, and/or permit terms will find transactions of various type. This can be used to find all transactions involving an agent or using a permit, for example.

Searches involving the “transaction panes” are limited to one type of transaction. (If data for multiple transaction types is provided, only one arbitrary type will be returned.)

Search Hints

Search terms are generally ANDed. The provides the possibility to search only agents, only roles, or the intersection of agent-in-role (and any similar search).

The vertical ellipsis by some SELECT controls allows multiple terms, in which case the terms are ORed together. Find loans of status “closed” OR “returned,” for example.

Most free-text search terms are by default substring case-insensitive matches. Prefixing with = where specified in the labels performs a fully-string match.

Loaned part name has a special handler to deal with both comma-lists (“any of these parts”) and parts which contain commas.

Results Terms provides a means to control the maximum number of search results (per transaction type) or to specify a sort order.


Results includes transactions and linked permits, shipments, media, and projects (including publications). Shipments may be mapped by or across transaction type. CSV downloads are available. Links scroll to specific transaction panes, and buttons can hide panes.

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