How To Customize the Search Page

The main search page can be customized to reflect the preferred suite of fields displayed for queries, especially those most frequently when searching. When logged in, customization options are saved to the user profile and will automatically display on subsequent logins.

This is akin to a ‘Basic’ search. As a default, the search form displays a limited set of field options.

Show All Options

The “show all options” customization displays all fields available within a search cateogry and is akin to an ‘Advanced’ search. Use the drop-down menu next to each category to select “show all options” from the drop-down menu. For example, when selecting this value for the Identifiers category, the fields for GUID, Any Identifier, and Identifier Type appear in the query block in addition to the three default fields already visible (Collection, Catalog Number, and Relationship).


Click the Customize Search button to view a pop-up window with a table containing all search fields. Use the menu at the top to scroll to the category or sub-category containing the relevant fields you wish to display or turn off.

Pro Tips

Selecting the Customize drop-down option under each category in the search form will result in a pop-up window with a table containing all search fields. The table will automatically scroll to the corresponding search options for the category selected, with all options highlighted in blue.

Saving Customizations

Log in to save customizations. These selections will be saved to your user profile and displayed on subsequent logins.

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How to Customize Search

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