How To Bulkload Legacy Loans

Bulkloading loan information created prior to migration into Arctos is a two step process. The first step involves creating loan metadata in Arctos with a bulkload tool. The second step populates the loan with specimen data and anything else that is missing from the metadata. Before beginning this process, it may help to read How to Create a New Loan as the process for bulkloading is comleting the same steps in bulk.

Create Loan Metadata (Initiating a Loan)

Create the Loan Metadata Bulkload file

Upload the Loan Metadata to Arctos

Edit Uploaded Metadata

Add Specimen Parts to Bulkloaded Loans (Adding Specimens to the Loan)

Now that the loans have been created in Arctos, specimen parts that were included in each loan need to be added. To accomplish this, complete the following steps for each loan: