How To Bulkload Loans

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Bulkloading loan information is a two step process. The first step involves creating loan metadata in Arctos with a bulkload tool. The second step populates the loan(s) with catalog record data and anything else that is missing from the metadata. Before beginning this process, it may help to read How to Create a New Loan as the process for bulkloading is comleting the same steps in bulk.

Create Loan Metadata (Initiating a Loan)

Use the the “Get a template” hyperlink to download the loan bulkloader spreadsheet (.csv)

Pro Tips

  • When entering agent names, the easiest way to make sure that 1) the agent exists in Arctos and 2) you have the name spelled and formatted correctly, is to search in Arctos for the agent and if existing, copy/paste that name from Arctos into the spreadsheet. If you need to create an agent, see How to Create Agents

  • Excel tends to auto-correct dates into a default format. Change the date columns from date or number format to text format, or select the date format used in Arctos (yyyy-mm-dd) Tip The written sections of the loan (Nature of Material, Description, Instructions) must be “HTML-friendly.” If there are any symbols in these fields that don’t work in HTML, Arctos will not let you create the loan. The ususal culprit is the enter/return key, instead of using “enter” to create a line break, you will need to use

  • If the loan contains items from multiple collections in the institution, the loan may be assigned to the collection with the greatest number of specimens in the loan, no matter how this determination is made it is best to be consistent, so document the method of choice for your institution

  • For details about what should be included in each field of the Loan Metadata Bulkload, see the Definitions and Documentation section of the Loan Loader and follow the links for each column header for more information or reiew Initiating a Loan

Bulkload Loan Items

Now that the loans have been created in Arctos, parts that were included in each loan need to be added. To accomplish this, see How To Bulkload Loan Items

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How to Bulkload Loans (Step 1):

How to Bulkload Loans

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