Loan Documentation

How To Find and Edit Loans

Finding Loans

Use the Arctos drop-down menus to select Manage Data > Transactions > Find Loan

To find loans that have not been closed (i.e., active loans), click the button on the right side of this page titled: Find all loans that are not ‘closed’. Otherwise, use the options on the left side of the screen to search for loans by collection, recipients, etc.

When finished, click the “Find Loans” button and a new page will appear with a list of search results. To view loan details, click “Review Items”.

Editing Loans

Search for a loan as described above. Each loan that is found by the search will have a list of actions at the bottom of the loan description.

Click “Edit Loan” at the far right of the list of actions. A new page will pop up that will allow you to edit the loan. This is where you can close a loan after it has been returned.

You can also add more items to the loan by clicking “Add Items” at the bottom of the loan details.

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