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How to Edit Media

Once media has been uploaded to TACC (see How to Upload Media to TACC) and created in Arctos (see How to Create Media/Images), you may find that you need to edit it. The first step is to locate the media you wish to edit.

Finding Media

There are several ways you can find media in Arctos

**NAVIGATION: Search Menu → Media/Documents

Enter information in the fields that you wish to search. If you need information about the fields, just click on the hypertext links to discover what information the field contains and whether it uses a controlled vocabulary. It helps to be as specific as possible to narrow the search and avoid timeout issues. If you have problems with this search form, you might want to try one of the alternate methods below.

From an Associated Specimen, Agent, Loan, Etc.

Specimen If the media is associated with a specimen, find the specimen using the main search page (see How to Search for Specimens)

Agent If the media is created by or associated with an Agent, find the Agent using the Agent search

Editing Media

The Media Edit form looks like this:

You can edit or add information for the selected media. Descriptions of the fields and what can be edited are as follows:

Media URI

The Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that finds the media object on the Internet (a URL is a common type of URI) should not be changed. URIs should be stable in order to avoid broken links.

Preview URI

If the media was not loaded with a thumbnail, but one has been uploaded to TACC and needs to be associated with the media, enter the URI for a thumbnail preview of the Media object in this field. Otherwise, if a Preview URI already exists and is working properly, it should not be changed. URIs should be stable in order to avoid broken links.


MIME TYPE, which consists of a type and subtype, (e.g., “image/jpeg”) should only be changed if the original type was entered incorrectly. Values are controlled by a code table.

Media Type

You can change the kind of media. This is especially useful if you have decided to put images together as a multi page document. Values are controlled by a code table. The Media Type field exists to categorize media whose MIME type is not sufficiently descriptive (e.g., an HTML image viewer application would have MIME_TYPE of text/html and MEDIA_TYPE of image).


Select a value from the code table that describes permissions regarding copyright, use and distribution of related media.

Media Relationships

All Media should include at least one relationship, otherwise it will not be visible in Arctos. More than one relationship is possible.

Media Labels

Media lables allow you to add searchable descriptions that help to summarize media through the Media Labels menu (e.g., aspect, subject, made date). Values are controlled by a code table.

Note that text entered into the Description label field will be displayed below the image/media object as a title.

All media should include at least a description. More than one label is possible.

Make sure your edits are saved by selecting at the bottom of the form.

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