How To Create and Edit Containers

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Pro Tip

To create containers with barcodes, barcodes must be reserved FIRST. See Develop your Barcode Series.

Once claimed, barcodes must be created and associated with a container. You can associate barcodes with a temporary container type. This is accomplished as described in “Creating Containers” below. Once the barcodes have been uploaded into Arctos, the containers that they represent can be edited as described in “Editing an Individual Container” and “Bulk Editing Containers”.

How To Create Containers

This will allow you to bulk upload barcodes into Arctos and associate them with a container.

Navigation Tools Directory > Barcodes & Containers > Container: Bulkload

Before using this tool, create a CSV (comma delimited) file with appropriate column headers. You can get a template from the Load CSV page.

Required Column Headers

Optional Column Headers


Only enter integers in these fields. Arctos is assuming that all measurements are in centimeters, so be sure to convert any measurements that you have in other units to centimeters.

How To Edit an Individual Container

Navigation Tool Directory> Barcodes & Containers > Container: Find

*The container should pop up on the center of the page under “The Universe”.

Edit Container

Here is an example: You are making a new freezer box. You know it will be placed in the -80 freezer in Room 2212 on the top shelf, rack A, tray 1, and in the last position on that tray.

Congratulations! You have just made a freezer box that can be found in the large freezer in Room 2212 on the top shelf in rack A, tray 1, and in the last position on that tray. You can exit this window and look at the new changes by going back to the “Find Container” page and clicking on the “Search” button again to refresh the page without having to re-enter the search parameters.

How To Bulk Edit Containers

This is used to convert barcodes into containers in bulk. Converting barcodes into containers allows you to assign them to catalog record parts or convert them into boxes, shelves, racks, etc…

Navigation Tools Directory > Barcodes & Containers > Container: Bulk Edit

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