Permit Documentation

How to Create and Edit Permits

Permits are documentation authorizing activities associated with Accession and Loan transactions. In general, permits are issued by governmental agencies, but letters authorizing collecting activities on private land can also be considered permits. Permits can authorize any number of transactions, and any number of permits may be required for a given transaction.

Create a Permit

NAVIGATION: Manage Data Menu → Transactions Menu → Create Permit

The following fields are available on the Create Permit page. All fields highlighted in yellow are required:

Click the “Save This Permit” button to create the permit in Arctos.

How to Create Permit Tutorial Video

How to Create a Permit

Add Permits to Accession or Loan Transactions

When you create or edit a Loan or Accession in Arctos, you will have the option to add Permit(s) to the transaction. Click on the “Add a Permit” button in edit screen. This will navigate you to a new permit search screen where you can query the already-created permit(s) to be added to the transaction.

View Transactions Associated with Permits

Navigate to the “Find Permit” screen (Manage Data Menu → Transactions Menu → Find Permit) and query an existing permit using the fields provided. A table will appear that allows you to view the transactions linked to the permit in list format.

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