How To Create Citations

Attach a specimen record to a publication via citation. NOTE: Before a specimen is cited, the Publication profile must already exist in Arctos. See How to Create a Publication for tutorial.

Citation Type

Select the basis of citation (e.g., voucher, holotype, basis of illustration). Values are controlled by a code table.

Page Number

Indicate the page number on which the specimen was first mentioned in the publication,

Citation Remarks

Record any relevant remarks. These will be displayed.

Find a Specimen

Use the fields to search for the specimen record to be cited (GUID or catalog number). Once you click the “Find Specimen” button, a “working with specimen” link to the record queried by the search appears. The identification data associated with this specimen record is populated into the Identification fields below.


The citation is now created and listed at the bottom of the screen under “Existing Citations” where it can be managed (deleted, edited, cloned). After refreshing/waiting a few minutes, you should see the citation and publication information in the associated specimen record(s).

How To Bulkload Citations

Use the the “Get a Template” hyperlink to download the citations bulkloader spreadsheet (.csv)

Bulkload Citations Tutorial Video

YouTube: How to Bulkload Citations