How to Bulkload Parts

From the Arctos main menu select Enter Data > Bulkload Tools > Parts > Bulkload Parts

Bulkload Parts Template

If you do not have a Bulkload Parts data sheet, begin with the Bulkload Parts Template.

Information about the fields in the template can be found on the Bulkload Parts Tool Page.

Bulkload Parts File Preparation

Any header in the template can be deleted, added, or rearranged.


Pro Tips

Bulkload Parts

On the Upload csv page of the Bulkload Parts Tool select the Browse button and navigate to your file. Select open and then Upload this file. If you set status to autoload in your bulkload file the parts will load automatically, but this may not be an instantaneous process especially if you have loaded a lot of parts. You can always see the progress of your part bulkload by visiting the Review and Load page of the Bulkload Parts Tool.

Bulkload Status

Once you have loaded your parts, they will appear in the tool with a status that reflects their ability to be processed.

All other statuses either indicate grouping created by you in your bulkload file or errors generated by Arctos when attempting to load. If anything other than autoload is in the status field, the parts will not be loaded to the catalog records and they will remain in the Part Bulkload Tool until you either set them to autoload or delete them. Status for a given part or a group of parts can be changed using one of the review functions.

If edits for anything other than status need to be made to any items in the tool, you can download from the tool using one of the get csv options, make edits to the downloaded file and reload the corrected parts.


After you download, you may want to remove the downloaded records from the tool so that you don’t create confusion with duplicate parts in the tool. To do this use one of the delete options.

How to Bulkload Parts Tutorial Video

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