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We are in the process of moving reports to a new system. If you had a report in the ColdFusion Reporter that you loved and want to re-create, please file an issue for assistance.

How to Print Labels

Within Arctos

Print specimen/object labels by querying the desired records and using the Tools Menu just above the search results to go to “Arctos Reporter.” From there, select the relevant report template to generate a PDF.

Using Downloaded Data and Microsoft Word’s Mail Merge Function

For an example of this process see this GitHub Issue.

File an issue if you need help with SQL for the data you want to use in your labels. In order to use the SQL, from the main Arctos menu select Reports/Services > Write SQL replace any text in the SQL box with your SQL and select CSV to get a downloaded table as your results.

Tutorial Video ↗️

YouTube: How To Print Labels

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