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How To Manage Taxon Concepts in Arctos

Create a Taxon Concept

  1. First make sure the publication that is the ‘according to’ for a taxon concept exists in Arctos see How To Create a Publication if you need to add a publication.
  2. In the taxonomy page of the name for which you want to adda concept, from the Available Operator Options, click on [Manage Concepts]
  3. Enter the publication title or author’s name in the pick publication field and select TAB, this will present you with a list of publications with the title or by the author. Choose from the available publications in the pop-up window.
  4. Enter the taxon author as used in the publication (e.g., “L.”),
  5. Click the generate label button, to automatically create a taxon concept label of the form <i>name</i> author <i>sensu</i> ref.
  6. Click the create taxon concept button to accept the label and create the concept linking the name with the publication.

Edit a Taxon Concept

Concepts are not editable. If an edit is required, delete and recreate the taxon concept.

Mapping Taxon Concepts

  1. In the same [Manage Concepts] page, find the concept_label for the concept you want to map.
  2. Pick the publication that documents this mapping.
  3. Choose the RCC-5 set mapping relationship.
  4. Pick the concept label for the other taxon concept.
  5. Select create.

Edit Taxon Concept Mapping

Concept mappings are not editable. To edit a taxon concept mapping, delete and create a new taxon concept mapping.

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