New Collections in Arctos

For prospective partners

Fill out the form at and we will contact you. You will need an Arctos account to access the form; you may create one at the top of any page. Following the guidelines at the will streamline things later.

For Arctos

You will receive an email on form submission. The submitter should be contacted as soon as possible to ensure a good communications channel is established.

This process relies on mentorship. An institutional Mentor should be assigned as part of the administration process. Each collection in the institution will need a Mentor as well; this may all be the same person, or they may all be different, or any combination. Each collection needs at least one Mentor; any arrangement which satisfies this requirement is suitable.

A list of volunteer Mentors is available at Mentors will need global_admin, or someone with global_admin to act on their behalf.

The Mentor(s) are responsible for the following:

Once collection metadata are provided and reviewed for all collections in the institution, the Mentor should change the status to “approve_to_create_collections” and ensure that the database administrators have received the notification of new collections.

For DBAs

You’ll get email from when a Mentor flags an institution as approve_to_create_collections. Sufficient data to create new collections should be in tables pre_new_institution (pkey: niid) and pre_new_collection (fkey: niid).

All communication should be addressed to pre_new_collection.contact_email and copied to pre_new_collection.mentor_contact.

  1. Create collections
  2. Grant collection access, manage_collection, and global_admin to pre_new_collection.admin_username (it may be a list).
  3. Set pre_new_institution.status to “complete”.