The Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) offers media hosting for Arctos users through an Arctos Project allocation. If you are using TACC to store media, the files must be uploaded to TACC and accessible on the web server before creating media in Arctos

If you want to upload a lot of large media files (e.g., 100s or 1000s of images, audio, video), and/or if you have specific processing needs, you should first contact Chris Jordan and an Arctos administrator to discuss space allocations. However, most users can follow these instructions:

TACC Corral Login Screen

If you have uploaded images, a directory of thumbnail images will also be created. You need to use those thumbnail URIs in your bulkload media template (in the PREVIEW_URI column, when you bulkload the image URIs.


Media Bulkloader

After uploading, the directory can be used to build a media bulkloader file which creates media objects using the uploaded files in Arctos.

We’ll use this directory to demonstrate.

Thumbnails are:

and are prefixed with “tn_”

Open the bulkloader

screen shot 2018-05-23 at 1 06 39 pm

and paste the directory URL in to the “Directory URL” box and click the accompanying button.

The pattern of these filenames is {barcode}{sometimes underbar}{dot}{jpg}

ignore folders with “Filter for extension (eg, “.jpg”)”

regexfind=_.*$ captures the information before the first underbar for variable “[filename].” (This common situation is documented in the inline documentation at the top of the page.)

Preview Directory URL is the folder containing the thumbnails

Preview prefix (eg, “tn_”) - enter “tn_” to prepend to the image filenames

Preview extension (eg, “.jpg”) - enter “.jpg” for jpg previews

Select a license, media type, and mime type.

The bulkloader will accept a part’s barcode as a proxy to cataloged items. We’ve extracted that from the filename with the regex above, so all that’s necessary is to include the variable in relationship term.

screen shot 2018-05-23 at 1 12 21 pm

Scroll down, click “build/rebuild,” confirm that everything worked as expected, download CSV, fill in any remaining blanks (or use the tool to do so before downloading), load to the media bulkloader, wait for email.