Permits are documentation authorizing transactions such as Accessions and Loans.

In general, permits are issued by governmental agencies, but letters authorizing collecting activities on private land can also be considered permits.

Some “registrations” may also constitute permits. For example, museums can do international exchanges of specimens of endangered species if the museums are registered with their respective governments under the Convention for International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). In this case, it is the institutional certificates of CITES registration that constitute the authority.

Permits can can authorize any number of transactions, and any number of permits may be required for a transaction.

Permit Number

Permit . Permit_Num VARCHAR2(25) null

Permit Number is an identifying text string assigned by the agency issuing the permit. Not all permits have such a number.

Permit Type

Permit . Permit_Type VARCHAR(50) not null

The kind of activity authorized by the permit. There are now four values are controlled by a look-up table. These are:

There is room for improvement here.

In some cases, permits may authorize collecting, importation, and exportation.

Issued To

Permit . Issued_To_Agent_ID NUMBER(22) not null

The agent to whom the permit was issued. This could be either a person or organization.

Issued By

Permit . Issued_By_Agent_ID NUMBER(22) not null

The agent who issued the permit. This could be either a person or organization.

Contact Person

Permit . Contact_Agent_ID NUMBER(22) null

Person who will receive email notifications of permit events.

Issued Date

Permit . Issued_Date DATE(7) null

The day the permit was issued. (We assume this to be the same as the day on which the permitted activities become legal. This might not always be the case. We might need a separate date to indicate the time period for which the permit is effective.) A valid date is required.

Renewed Date

Permit . Renewed_Date DATE(7) null

Rather than expiring, and requiring a new permit for continued activity, some permits may be renewed. A valid date is required.

Expiration Date

Permit . Exp_Date DATE(7) null

The day on which the permit is no longer valid. This date might be used to automatically notify the permittees of the approaching expiration.


Permit . Permit_Remarks VARCHAR2(300) null

These can be anything that extends the definition of the permit or the conditions under which it applies.