Arctos Developers Guide

Tips, tricks, and conventions for developing Arctos code


Arctos is written primarily in CFML and HTML.



Sublime Text



A CFML Support - ColdFusion 11 extension is available for Brackets.


The CFEclipse plugin is currently not supported and older versions may not be from reliable sources. The Eclipse and CFEclipse can be downloaded by following the instructions at Installing CFEclipse. We suggest using the IDE for Web and JavaScript Developers as recommended in the instructions. NOTE this was not functioning properly as of December 1, 2020.


Arctos uses various datasources for various reasons. Most queries should be one of two entries:

<cfquery name="ctdatum" datasource="cf_codetables" cachedwithin="#createtimespan(0,0,60,0)#">
   select datum from ctdatum order by datum

Expand Select

This toggles MULTIPLE for a SELECT of id “accn_status”:

<span data-ctl="accn_status" class="ui-icon ui-icon-arrow-4-diag expandoSelect"></span>

Button + HREF

<a href="somepage.cfm"><input type="button" class="lnkBtn" value="Some Text"></a>

Code Table Definer

<span class="infoLink" onclick="getCtDocVal('cttaxon_name_type','taxon_name_type');">Define</span>

where cttaxon_name_type is the relevant code table and taxon_name_type is the ID of the element being defined.

Or as a label

<label class="likeLink" onclick="getCtDocVal('ctcataloged_item_type','cataloged_item_type');" for="cataloged_item_type">
   Catalog Item Type