How to Publish Arctos Data to the Ocean Biodiversity Information System (OBIS)

Beyond Arctos Documentation

The following are the steps that Phyllis Sharp took to prepare DMNS:Inv data for inclusion in OBIS.

Before Publication to OBIS

Get data cleaned up and respond to specific questions from Abby Benson at OBIS.

The DMNS:Inv clean-up included:

  1. Checking all scientific names against WoRMS and updating invalid names. Abby prepared a list of names with no match in WoRMS or that were invalid. Most of those with no match were terrestrial species but all invalid names were updated.
  2. Geolocating where possible as records without decimalLatitude and decimalLongitude are excluded.
  3. Reviewing Abby’s list of non-marine lots for reasonableness. WoRMS associates all taxon names with its Environment so only those with Marine or Brackish environments are included.
  4. Adding Individual Count to all records.


Once the cleanup and coordination with Abby are complete, notify David Bloom at VertNet which collection(s) are to be added/published to OBIS. After the initial publication, monthly publication should be automatic. If any issues arise with publication, please file an issue in the Arctos main repo.

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