How to Publish to Data Aggregators

Publishing Arctos data to data aggregators begins with publication to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) via the VertNet IPT. This process can be a bit of a headache, but if done properly, the data will be updated at the IPT monthly and the only requirement going forward is an annual review of the collection’s metadata.

Note that all of the steps outlined here are also part of the “Publish to Aggregators” step in the data migration Github repository and that opening a new data publishing issue is the best way to complete this process.

Is the Collection Already Published to GBIF?

If you are not sure whether a collection has already been published to GBIF, you can search the datasets at GBIF to check.


If the collection has already been publishing data to GBIF, there will be a GBIF dataset page and an Institution Publisher Page. Once a dataset page is found:


Read How To Choose a Data set

After your institution has been endorsed by the US Node, you will receive an email with an IPT Key.

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How To Create a Resource Relationship File

If data from a collection has already been published to GBIF, republishing from Arctos will create probalems for anyone who has downloaded previous records from the dataset. In order to help everyone maintain continuity, a resource relationship file matches the previously published occurence ids with the new Arctos occurence ids. A sample template for creating this file can be found here. The steps to complete this template are as follows: