How to Link Genetic Data To And From Arctos

Method 1: Single-specimen

  1. Find the specimen
  2. Click Other IDs
  3. Select appropriate identifier type; enter identifier
  4. Save

Method 2: Batch

  1. Navigate to Enter/Batch/Identifiers
  2. Download the template
  3. Fill in required information
  4. Upload, follow the prompts

The rest of the process is automated; no further action is required, and links will be maintained by Arctos staff. Links to GenBank (et al.) are formed immediately, linkouts should appear from GenBank within 48 hours.

Important Notes

  1. “Appropriate identifier type” is usually “GenBank,” but Arctos supports interaction with other types of genetic data, such as NCBI Sequence Read Archive Run ID. See the code table for more information.

  2. Arctos constantly monitors GenBank, and will report potential uncited specimens under Reports/genbankMIA. We recommend working with the submittor to ensure that these records are properly submitted to GenBank (e.g., they should all link to Arctos from /specimen_voucher) and to the appropriate Arctos Curators.