How to Create a New Loan

Before initiating a loan you must ensure that the recipient of the loan is an Agent within Arctos. If they are not already an Agent (use Manage Data > Agents to search for them in the Agents database) then you will need to create an Agent for them.

Initiating a Loan

To initiate the loan, use the Arctos drop-down menus to select Manage Data > Transactions > Create Loan

The following fields will be visible on the Initiate a Loan page:

Once all of these fields are completed, click the “Create Loan” button at the bottom of the page.

A new page will pop up in which you can edit the loan to provide specific information about projects associated with the loan.

Adding Specimens to the Loan

After you create the loan and the edit page pops up, click the “Add Items” link found at the bottom of the “Edit Loan” box in the menu just below the “Save Edits” button.

The standard specimen search page will appear, but with red letters saying: You are searching for items to add to a loan

Search for specimens as you normally would. When Arctos finds your searched specimens, there will be an option next to each specimen’s parts that will allow you to add it to the loan. Select the relevant specimens/parts and then click “Back to Loan” at the top of the page (above the line that indicates the number of specimens that were found).