How to Create a New Loan



Indicate the collection from which specimens will be loaned by selecting the appropriate collection from the drop-down menu.

Loan Number

Assign a unique identifier to the loan. On the right side of the screen there should be a box that provides the last number used by the selected collection, this can help insure there are no gaps in loan numbers.

Loan Agents

People associated with loans are selected from Arctos Agents. If a person associated with a loan is not in the Arctos Agent table, they can be added at the time the loan is created.

Authorized By

Enter the Agent name for the curator or other individual who is responsible for authorizing the loan.


Enter the Agent name of the recipient of the loan.

In-House Contact

If no In-house contact is entered, this field will automatically populate with the same name identified in “Authorized By” after the loan is created.

Outside Contact

If no outside contact is entered, this field will automatically populate with the same name identified in “To” after the loan is created.

Loan Type

Indicates the nature of the loan.

Loan Status

Indicates the current status of the loan.

Transaction Date

Enter the date on which preparation of the loan began. The default value is the date on which the loan was first recorded in the database.

Return Due Date

Enter the date that the loan is expected to be returned to the lending collection. This date may be used to search for overdue loans, and/or to generate automated reminders to the appropriate agents.

Nature of Material

A description summarizing the overall content of the loan. This description will appear on the loan invoice. It should be explicit and concise, but it does not need include details on a specimen-by-specimen basis.


Directions to the borrower on such things as storage and return of the loaned items. These directions will appear on the loan invoice.


Needs Documentation


Any annotations that you would like to keep about the loan. These will not be included on the Loan invoice.

Once all of the required fields (in yellow) are completed, click the “Create Loan” button at the bottom of the page.

Adding Projects

After the loan has been created, you will be directed to the loan edit page, where you can add or create projects associated with the loan.

Needs documentation

Adding Permits

Needs documentation

Adding Objects to the Loan

How To Add Loan Items

Adding Shipments

Needs documentation

Video Tutorial

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