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How To Create a New Collecting Event for a Locality

If you need to create a new collecting event associated with an already existing locality, or if you want to edit a locality for only some of the specimens currently sharing it, follow these steps.

What to Enter for Each Collecting Event

More information on the specifics of how to input collecting event data into Arctos can be found in the documentation (e.g., what to do when the verbatim date says “Spring 1996”).

How to Safely Edit Collecting Event Tutorial Video

How to Safely Edit Collecting Event

Fork-Edit method

This creates a new locality and event with every save. There are two save modes:

In both cases “save” clones the entire event/locality/geology stack; edits apply only to the single specimen-event being used by the single specimen. It is not possible to alter data used by any other specimen from this form.

How to Fork-Edit Tutorial Video

How to Fork-Edit

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