Locality Documentation

How To Create a Locality

What is a Locality?

Locality is a specific place associated with one or more Collecting Events.

A locality includes three types of data:

Localities are shared. It is important to remember this anytime you are working with Locality. If you want to retain more control over a locality (and therefore, less collaborative maintenance), you can use a Locality Nickname to designate the locality as different from any other locality with essentially the same information.

Create a Locality as Part of Data Entry

Localities are created as part of Single Record Data Entry and Data Bulkloading. When these localities are exactly the same, they are merged.

Create a Locality for future use in Data Entry/Bulkloading

Why create a locality without an associated catalog record?

When collections are made from a single locality, data entry can be easier if the locality is created in advance. Providing a Locality Nickname allows anyone entering new catalog records from the locality to complete all locality information simply by inserting the locality nickname. This is accomplished with the “Pick Locality” option.

Then the Locality Nickname is inserted into the “Locality Nickname” field of the pop-up window

Select “Find Matches” to see Localities matching the search request

Select “Accept” for the correct locality

And the locality details will be copied into the current record in data entry

Creating a Locality

In order to create a locality for use as described above, complete the following:

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