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How To Create an Individual Container in Arctos Object Tracking (e.g. Freezer Box with Positions)

There are many types of containers possible in Arctos. This guide walks you through the steps of creating a freezer box or another container type as a new container. This is the first step before you can scan barcoded parts such as tissues into positions in Arctos.

Create the Container

Note: vertical layouts will appear like this:

and horizontal layouts like this:

Create the Container Positions

Scan Containers Into the Positions

Alternate Method

This is not recommended, as it is preferable to create all barcodes as labels first and then convert them as needed. But if you have to create a container de novo, it is possible to use this form. The barcode used cannot currently be in use for another container.

You are now ready to start scanning (i.e., installing) barcoded vials into a freezer box (see How to Install Tissue Cryovials into a Freezer Box).

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