Bulkloading Catalog Records

Enter Data > Bulkloader > Bulkload Builder

If you do not have a Bulkload Catalog Record Data sheet, begin with the Bulkload Builder.

Bulkload Builder

The first small table includes groups of fields available to use. Select which ones you want to save time on selecting individual fields in the larger table below.

The following are the groups most often used:

From the larger table, you will see the fields that were selected as part of the groups selected above.

If there are fields that will never be used by your colelction and therefore do not need to be in your file. Unselect them. You will want to keep the format in CSV. That is the type of file Arctos works with.

Now click on “Download Template” located below the small table and above the large table. Your file will automatically be put into your computer’s downloads.

Helpful Hints:

Excel Helpful Hints:

The following is a complete breakdown of all fields and what data they should include:

Before Bulkloading

At the bulkloading page, just above where you will click to choose your file to upload, Arctos will tell you if the bulkloader is currently being used.

Ready to Bulkload


How to Bulkload Data Tutorial Video

YouTube: How to Bulkload Data