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Bulkloading Barcodes to Parts

(Based on a guide initally developed by April Payne, Northern Michigan University)

This page describes how to bulkload barcodes to specimen parts. Note that the barcodes you wish to assign must first be made into containers BEFORE you assign them to specimen parts. (See the “Making Containers” page in How To Arctos).

To begin, use the Arctos drop-down menus to select Enter Data > Batch Tools > Parts » Containers

This will bring you to a new page that allows you to download a CSV template that can be opened and edited in your favorite spreadsheet software. Alternatively you can create your own file, but make sure it has the headers listed below and is saved in CSV format (comma delimitated).

Open the template as a spreadsheet (e.g., in Excel), and fill in the columns beneath the headers as follows:

Save the file (retaining the CSV format). Before uploading the resulting file you may need to delete any extra carriage returns (i.e., blank lines) at the bottom of the file. Open the file in any text editor (e.g., Notepad or Notepad++ NOT Microsoft Word), scroll down to the bottom of the file, delete the extra line(s) and save. Excel automatically adds this extra line and it is not compatible with Arctos.

Select “Choose File” to browse to the file that you just edited. Click the “Upload this File” button. If the upload worked you should see a dialog window indicating “Success!”

If the upload was not successful, you will need to troubleshoot the problem. Search for the specimens that you are working with in Arctos and check for the following:

Once you have corrected any errors, attempt to re-upload the file.

Bulkload Parts > Containers Tutorial Video

How to Bulkload Parts into Containers

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