How To Batch Update Identifications

Batch update specimen identifications using the Manage Menu. The Manage Menu is an efficient alternative to using the “Taxa Tab” found in individual specimen records when needing to update multiple records at once. Query the specimen records in need of updating and use the Manage… Identifications tool to alter all specimen records returned in the search results. This action will add the new identification to each record as the current (accepted) determination and will display all previous identifications as a determination history list.

NOTE: Only 1000 or so records may be managed in a single batch. Use this feature with caution before making large-scale changes to records in the database.

Query the records to be edited. ALL records that appear in the search results list will be batch-updated. Be sure to double-check the results and isolate only the records you wish to update, narrowing your search parameters if need be.

Manage Identifications

As noted on the page, “Add Identification For All specimens listed below”:

NOTE: For specimen records with ID histories numbering greater than two determinations, the order of identifications can be modified via the “Taxa Tab” in individual specimen records if necessary. Determinations are displayed in the order in which they are added (most recent listed first, oldest determination at the bottom).