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How To Batch Update Accessions

Batch update Accessions using the Manage Menu to transfer specimen records from one accession into another. The Manage Menu is an efficient alternative to using the “Accn Tab” found in individual specimen records when needing to update multiple records at once. Note: Specimen records can only be added into an existing accession. Moving records into an accession and others out of the same accession is therefore a two-step process (e.g., first transfer any “unwanted” records out of the accession into a different accession before transferring any additional records in).

Navigation: from the Search Results screen → “Manage…” Menu → Accession

Query the records to be edited. ALL records that appear in the search results list will be batch-updated. Be sure to double-check the results and isolate only the records you wish to update, narrowing your search parameters if need be.

Manage Accessions

As noted on the page, “Add all the items listed below to accession”:

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