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How To Batch Download Images

This is a guide to automatically downloading multiple image files from TACC based on a query to the standard search interface, and using a Spreadsheet program (e.g., Excel) and Windows Powershell. Note that there are many other (quicker) ways to do this (e.g., using the Arctos API and Linux), but this method should work for most Windows users with tools at hand. Medium-level Excel skills are expected.

The steps are:

  1. Download a CSV file from Arctos with the GUIDs and the URLs of the images.
  2. In Excel, convert the CVS file to a batch download script.
  3. Run the script in Powershell

1. Query Arctos

2. Manipulate text in Excel

3. Run the script in Powershell

In File Explorer, check to see that the images are being downloaded. The filenames will be the GUID, plus .jpg. Then come back in a few hours and see how the download is going. If you need to interrupt the script, type Control-C. Search for documentation on Powershell as needed.

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