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How To Add Items to a Data Loan

Data loans “loan” cataloged items, not specific parts and are meant to record data use.

From the Edit Loan Page

Click the “Add Items” button at the bottom of the page.

The standard Arctos search page will appear, but with red letters saying: You are searching for items to add to a loan

Search for catalog records as you normally would. When the results are displayed, there will be an option next to each catalog record’s parts that will allow you to add it to the loan. Select the relevant parts and then click “Back to Loan” at the top of the page (above the line that indicates the number of specimens that were found).


A tool to bulkload data loan items is available. A bulk unloader is also available.

Loan–>SpecimenSearch–>SpecimenResults (bulk)

Click one of the various “add items” links from the loan search results or edit pages, perform a search, add the results to the loan.

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