Object Tracking Documentation

This document will use a portion of a Museum of Southwestern Biology loan request as an example. Items were requested as follows:

MSB:Mamm:285698 liver
MSB:Mamm:285772 liver
MSB:Mamm:285773 liver
MSB:Mamm:285779 liver
MSB:Mamm:285780 liver
MSB:Mamm:151831 other tissues than liver is preferred
MSB:Mamm:312383 other tissues than liver is preferred
MSB:Mamm:307255 other tissues than liver is preferred
MSB:Mamm:142673 other tissues than liver is strongly preferred
MSB:Mamm:289081 other tissues than liver is strongly preferred

The following steps will provide a list of the locations of the requested parts so that they can be pulled for the loan.

Search for Specimens and Find Part Locations

Using the main Arctos search page find the specimens for which parts have been requested.

From the specimen results menu bar, select Manage > Part Locations

At the bottom of the Container Search column on the left side of the page, select Flatten Part Locations

Use the filters to pare the list down to the parts you need for your loan.

Download the results.

You may have to repeat filtering and downloading if the part you need is combined with more than two other parts. (For example, you need heart tissue - there are more than three “parts” that contain heart and you may need to filter for every possibility to find all of the part locations you need.)

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