Data Entry form

This document applies to the built-in single-record data entry form.


The form has been customized for various collections and collection types. This documentation may not apply to your workflow.

Required fields

Required fields - usually at the request of a collection or group of collections - are yellow.


Customize Form

Click Customize Form to add or remove fields, or to set field behavior. Field options are:

Disable/Enable Calendars

Turn the calendar pick off and on. Calendars may interfere with date formats other than to day (YYYY-MM-DD). Most fields are ISO8601 format and will accept more (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSTZ) or less (YYYY) precision.


Enable to allow dragging field groups on the page. Disable to lock. Reset Default Sort to reset fieldset ordering.


Documentation links are provided for all nodes. All users should be familiar with documentation.

Locality and Event picks

Providing a locality ID overrides all other locality information at load. Providing an event ID overrides all locality and event information at load. Search/pick tools are provided, or enter an ID and TAB to autoselect.


Enter geography and specific locality information then click GeoLocate to automatically georeference.


Errors will be displayed at the bottom of the page. Most errors are accompanied by a summary popup notification and field coloring.


The “copy2all” links copy the data from the associated field to all fields using similar data - all agents or dates, for example.

Scientific Name

Enter a valid scientific name (not necessarily taxon name - see /documentation/bulkloader.html#taxonomy), or click “build” for a helpful tool.