Arctos API

Note: this documentation refers to the new API (beginning 2020). For information about the old API, please see this page.


Specimen query terms


Only JSON-formatted results are currently available. The default fields returned for a specimen search are: guid, scientific_name, country, state_prov, spec_locality, verbatim_date, dec_lat, dec_long, coordinateuncertaintyinmeters. More field control should soon be possible via the cols=... key-value pair.


Single specimen by GUID:\

Several specimens by GUID:\

Specimens by name:\

Interacting with the API

In order to get a non-zero Content-Length from the API, the HTTP header Accept-Encoding: gzip must be set. This is set by default on web browsers and wget, but not with curl. The output from curl must then be uncompressed:

curl -s -H "Accept-Encoding: gzip" \ | gunzip > output.json