How To Create Your Arctos Team: Users and Operators

This guide provides a workflow for how to organize users and operators to assist with data entry and collection data management. Anyone can have an Arctos user account, which is needed for downloading data. Operators are users who are granted appropriate permissions. There are two levels of permissions: (1) Permission to work with data for specific collections. (2) Permission to work with specific types of data for the granted collection(s) - e.g., data entry, specimens, transactions, localities, etc. For example, a user with the roles UAM:Mamm and DATA_ENTRY can only enter data for the UAM:Mamm collection.

Some objects (taxonomy, media, agents, places) are shared among collections. People who have access to these types of data must fully understand that Arctos is a shared system, and must always consider the implications of working in a shared system. So be careful when assigning roles to shared data types.

1. Have each team member create an Arctos user account

You are now an official Arctos User. Welcome to the community! Now email your username to the person authorized to grant you operator permissions. You will soon be contacted with instructions for authenticating your account as an Arctos Operator.

2. Attach each team member’s username to their Agent

Once a user has created their user account and given you their username, complete the following steps to attach their username to an Agent:

3. Invite your user to become an Operator

4. Assign Operator Roles and Permissions


You now have a team of Operators who can assist you with data entry and management. Next up, get them trained!