Plain paper-tabs.

The no-bar attribute disables the selection bar.

The no-slide attribute prevents the selection bar from animating when the selection changes.

The noink attribute disables the ink ripple animation seen when the user activates a tab (by clicking, tapping, etc.).

The scrollable attribute causes the tabs to scroll, rather than compress, when there is not enough space. Arrow buttons appear when any of the tabs are not completely visible.

The fit-container attribute causes scrollable tabs to stretch to fit their container if the tabs don't need to scroll.

Tab layout is affected by the writing direction of the surrounding area.

Use the align-bottom attribute when your tabs are positioned below the content they control. The selection bar will be shown at the top of the tabs.

Use the link attribute when a paper-tab contains a link. The link will fill the entire tab. paper-tabs implements its own tabindexing and keyboard focus patterns so an anchor placed inside should set tabindex="-1".

Tabs can be used in a paper-toolbar.

Use autoselect to enable automatic tab selection.

Use autoselect-delay to adjust the delay between the last keyup event and when the tab is automatically selected (when autoselect is true).