How To Create Your Arctos Team

If you are organizing users/operators to assist you with data entry and collection data management. This document provides a workflow for getting your team members on Arctos as Operators with the appropriate roles and permissions to get their share of the work done. It also offers helpful templates of instructions to your new team members as you guide them through the process.

1. Have each team member create an Arctos user account

In order to enter or edit data in the Arctos environment, you must first become an Arctos user. Please go to How to Create a New User Account for Operators for instructions on creating your user account.

Once your account is created, you will be taken directly to the Arctos search screen. Select “My Stuff”, then “Profile” from the drop down menu at the top of the page. Enter your First, Last and Middle name in the appropriate fields, “___________(name of your institution)” in the Affiliation Field, and your email address in the email field. You must have an email address in your Profile in order to become an Arctos Operator and manage data. Select the “Save Profile” button.

You are now an official Arctos User. Welcome to the community! Now email ________ (your name and email address) with your username. You will soon be contacted with instructions for authenticating your account as an Arctos Operator.

2. Attach each team member’s username to their Agent

Once a user has created their user account and given you their username, complete the following steps to attach their username to an Agent:

4. Invite your user to become an Operator

Now that you are an Arctos user, I am going to invite you to become an Arctos Operator. You will receive an email from Arctos with instructions for authenticating your account for Operator status. PLEASE NOTE: After you select the link in the email, you will need to log in to Arctos, then select “My Stuff” and “Profile” from the main Arctos menu in order to see the Authentication form. Once you have completed the authentication, I will get a notification and then I will add some permissions to your profile so that you will be able to enter and edit data for the ____ collection.

Call me if this doesn’t make sense or if you have any questions during the authentication process.

5. Assign your Operators Roles and Permissions

You have been given access to the Arctos ____ Collection and assigned the following roles:

DATA_ENTRY – allows access to Data Entry MANAGE_SPECIMENS – allows access to most “one-per-specimen” forms. MANAGE_COLLECTION – allows setting bulkloader.loaded to NULL, updating collection and collection agents, deleting Identifications, managing Annotations MANAGE_TRANSACTIONS – allows access to create/edit/delete loans, accessions, and borrows, rank agents, manage permits, manage shipments.

PLEASE NOTE: The following are shared roles. The changes that you make in any of these areas can affect other collections, so always proceed with caution when working in them and follow the instructions which can be found at and Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

MANAGE_MEDIA – allows create/update/delete of Media. MANAGE_GEOGRAPHY – full access to geog_auth_rec. MANAGE_CONTAINER – full access to containers. Not necessary to “barcode specimens.” MANAGE_AGENTS – full access to agents and agent names MANAGE_LOCALITY – allows full access to Locality, Collecting Event, and Coordinates data. MANAGE_PUBLICATIONS – allows full access to publications, projects, and citations. MANAGE_TAXONOMY – full access to taxonomy and common names.

I will get back to you with further instruction when we get ready to work on the data.


You now have a team of Operators who can assist you with data entry and management. Next up, get them trained!