How To Assign Operator Roles and Permissions

Arctos Operators have permissions that allow them to access specific collections and data - see list of user roles and their descriptions.

To assign your Operator roles and permissions take the following steps:


Before you can assign Permissions/Roles to a user, they MUST be an Operator. Follow the instructions for How to Create a New User Account (for Operators) if you need to make your user an Operator.

There are two types of “roles” in Arctos: Collection roles and access roles. Collection roles provide access to specific collections, and access roles provide access to specific tables. Actual access is at the intersection of roles. A user with UAM:MAMM collection role and DATA_ENTRY access role can only enter data for the UAM:Mamm collection.

Some objects (taxonomy, media, agents, places) are shared amongst collections. People who have access to these data must fully understand that Arctos is a shared system, and must always consider the implications of working in a shared system. So be careful when assigning roles to shares access tables.

Assigning permission to Collections and Roles